About The Guys

5 Guys 1 Plate is a food blog based on the beautiful island of Guam. We are not chefs, journalists, or food critics. We are just a bunch of friends who love to cook and eat. It's funny how most of our conversations are about food we ate, food we cooked, and food that we want to eat. It's also funny that most of these conversations take place as we're cooking or eating together.
We want to share, as we do with each other, the good food and the bad food that we come across. Not just at restaurants that are popular or new, but even those places that you'd never even knew were there. With some help from those that happen to read our blog, we might find some hidden gems. Our opinions about any food or restaurant, are exactly that, OUR opinions. You might have a totally different experience than us, and that's okay.
Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us. We hope you visit us often and tell all your friends and family about us.