Sunday, 3 November 2013

National Candy Day & Mo Day 4

It's so convenient how National Candy Day is a few days after Halloween.  So much candy that will probably end up in the trash.  Halloween would be so much better if real food was given out.  Can you imagine walking up to a house and getting handed a pizza or a buffalo chicken slider?  Food for thought.

Day 4 of Movember, had "someone" tell us that we looked clean shaven.  A slight blow to our mo growing abilities, but the mo must grow on! For more info, check out our Movember Page.

Today was a really special day for a couple reasons.  The first being 5 Guys 1 plate first tv appearance.  Tune into the KUAM news tomorrow to catch us.  The second reason is our Facebook page reached 200 likes.  We want to thank everyone for making that possible.  Now make sure to tell your friends and family.

5 Guys 1 Plate at KUAM studios