Saturday, 9 November 2013

Celebrity Special Guest: Joan Charfuros

'Twas a special day for 5 Guys 1 Plate, because we had our very first Celebrity Special Guest.  KUAM's "In the Mix", one and only Ms. Joan Aguon Charfuros.  She sat down with us for lunch at the Marriot Cafe, and we ate and talked about food.  While we were stuffing our faces, we asked her to answer our celebrity special guest "5 Guys 1 Plate 5 Questions".  These questions were hand picked by scientists and psychologists to help profile and determine what type of person someone is.  An amazing statistic from a study about these questions, showed that 100% of that last statement is false.  So with that data, we can conclude that these questions are awesome.

1. What is your fav type of cuisine?
 I consider myself a huge foodie so I don't necessarily have a favorite cuisine---everyone in the pot! But if you must twist my arm, Asian cuisine ranks high on my list.

2. What restaurant do you wish would come to Guam?
 There is a food truck/stall in Sydney located in the Kirribilli Markets called Poklol, that serves bomb fusion Banh Mi. It is served on a crusty baguette with kewpie mayo, cucumber, shallots, pickled daikon and carrot, fish sauce, maggi sauce, fried shallots and coriander..and you can add extras like pork crackle! Needless to say, it is one of the many places I look forward to visiting again when I head to Sydney in March! 

3. Do you have a hidden gem? 
(Restaurant that we should know about)
 There are actually 2 places that people SHOULD know about and try--- Lemmai Cafe in Maite (next to Cars Plus) is the perfect place if you are looking for some local comfort food, specifically there beef tinaktak and the beef shank kadu. The second place is Amista in Anigua (across from 76)--must try dishes include their Drunken Chicken and the bread pudding.

4. What is your favorite fast food?
Although I try to steer away from fast food, when a craving kicks in, hands down I have to head over to Wendy's. They seriously NEED to bring back the Mushroom Cheddar Burger! For the time being, the Baconator will suffice. 

5. What is your favorite edible guilty treat?
Chocolate covered gummi bears. Expect to find a bag of it in my purse if I am heading into a movie.