Sunday, 3 November 2013

Horse & Cow

Location: 868 Marine Dr, Tamuning
Phone: 646-2692
Hours: 4PM - 2AM 7 Days a week
Facebook: HorseandCow
Price:$10 Avg

Horse & cow.  If the name doesn't throw you off., the mechanical bull just might! 
The parking is decent and the atmosphere is fun...with tons of navy related items throughout the establishment.  There are no kids allowed and smoking is ok, so this is an adults only place. Plenty of seating and several large TVs for watching whatever sports game is on. Awesome.
The theme for this episode of 5 guys was definitely wings....175 of them to be exact: 100 medium (heat scale), 50 XxX (hot), and 25 DOA (insanity).  Flavor wise, I thought the wings and sauce were good, throughout the heat scale.  There is a definite sweet taste to the sauce.  If you like the tangy buffalo style....this is not it.  The heat of medium was quite mild, while the XxX started slow and intensified after a few minutes until I was visibly sweating and reaching for my drink.  Actually...I think it was Zach "these wings are not that hot" B.who had sweat dripping from his brow.  I did make a weak attempt to eat one of the DOA wings and truthfully, my mouth was either numb or they just were not any hotter than the XxX.  We also ordered two buckets of fries, cajun and garlic.  Wow. I couldn't stop eating them and they definitely did not last long.  More please!
HNC has daily specials, wings for a quarter and dollar beef tacos are just two examples.  I love deals and I think their daily specials are pretty good. 
The food is decent.  The atmosphere is nice. Good wings. Good fries. Good specials. Lots of space. And plenty of TVs for the games.  Whats not to like?  
On another note, we also had a little going away lunch for one of our friends who is relocating to the states.  Bye Zac (see I can spell it right).  From all of us, we wish you and your wife the best.
3.5 plates out of 5.  (Take away half a plate because it was a little hot in the area we were at...the place is big and the cool air did not reach us at all)

Our visit to Horse and Cow was bitter-sweet, because it was also the going-away for one of our brothers, Zack C. Good luck brother, to you in your future endeavors, you will be missed.

Parking (2) - For being so big and spacious inside, Horse and Cow's parking lot is relatively small. I see parking as a big potential problem, especially if there is a sporting event on tv.

Ambience (2) - The way I see it, Horse and Cow is mainly a bar and just so happens to have a grill too. So keeping that in mind, the look and feel of it screams sports bar. There are all sorts of Navy submarine and ship banners hanging from the ceiling and walls. There is a mechanical bull, coin-operated sports games, and of course big screen tv's for watching the games. The only problem I have with H&C, is that minors are not allowed in, which is too bad. They don't allow minors in because they are a smoking facility, so be prepared for that. If they changed their policy during lunchtime hours, were there was no smoking and allowed minors in, I'm sure H&C would have a lot more visitors.

Service (5) - Our bartender/waitress handled our big group really well. She was friendly and patient, and always seemed to come at the right time asking if we needed anything. I should also note that there was only two bartender/waitresses working at the time and there was already a big lunch crowd there watching the baseball game. So I think service was outstanding.

Food (4) - We went family style and ordered 100 medium, 50 XXX, and 25 DOA wings. We also ordered two buckets, yes "buckets", of seasoned fries. The first was Cajun style and the second was Garlic. The medium wings were a bit sweet and the heat only picked up after eating a few. The XXX wings were spicy, but the kind of spicy that makes you want to eat more and more. I did not try the DOA wings, because by the time they came out, my mouth was already on fire and I had started to sweat a little. I'm not sure if it was from the wings or trying to beat the high score on the basketball game. Either way, I didn't want to chance it with some DOA wings when the XXX wings were already spot on. For me the fries stood out as the best tasting item that we ordered.

Overall - I give their wings 4.5 plates out of 5, they are good and for the price, can't be beat. I definitely will be back to try their other menu items, and especially their very cheap lunchtime specials. Overall, I give H&C 3.5 plates out of 5.




First time at Horse n Cow... The Cajun and Garlic flavored bucket of Fries is awesome, great presentation.Perfect balance of crunch with seasoning blend a great full filling appetizer in a metal pail. Nice. We ordered the mild, XXX, and DOA buffalo wings. Wing flavor was perfect, but DOA was not as hot as expected. Perfect lunch spot. My son loves wings for days, but atmosphere more for adult crowd, a bar setting. 4 out of 5 food and presentation. 3 out of 5 atmosphere. I would go back for wings anytime.


Horse n Cow...first off the Cajun bucket of Fries is handsdown a winner...perfect balance of crunch with seasoning blend..they went quick..we needed two We ordered the XXX wings which was not too spicy but the buffalo wing flavor was perfect...service was quick...perfect lunch have a choice of sitting at bar watching the game or at a table  away with more privacy....perfect place to watch a game....5 guys are craving those fries

Bucket of Cajun Seasoned Fries

Bucket of Garlic Seasoned Fries

Shuffleboard Graffiti

The Bull

"Good Food, Good Company"