Thursday, 31 October 2013

National Vinegar Day Product Review: Marty's Cracklin' Salt and VINEGARFlavor

Location: Pay-Less, Mangilao
Price: 89¢
Rating: 5 plates out of 5

Happy Natioinal Vinegar Day! First thing that came to mind was to make some finadenne' and have that be my way to celebrate Vinegar Day.  But that would be too easy, especially here on Guam.  So I set out in search of something with vinegar in it or flavored.  I found Marty's Cracklin' Salt and Vinegar flavored chicharons.  These chicharons are really good! Vinegar flavor is not too strong, and is not too salty either.  I think it goes perfectly with a beer or two.  At 89¢ this is an amazing deal!  Most chips in the aisle average about $5 a bag, so I have no problem buying 2 or 5 of these at a time.  As good as they taste, you will need more than one bag.  Don't plan on sharing either, as soon as you know it the bag is empty.  And if you're like me you'll find yourself opening another bag.

Reviewed by Drew

Shave it down! Movember Kick-Off

Movember has officially started.  On this day it all comes off.  Mach 5, electric, or your wife's pink disposable.  Doesn't matter what you use, just that it all comes off. Follow along with us as our baby faces slowly evolve into the awesomeness of the Mo.  Don't be shy either, we want you to join us and submit your pics too.  We'll put them up too, but the most important part is to have fun and spread the word.  Use the power of the Mo to help raise awareness and funds for men's health! 








Day 1

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

National Candy Corn or Buy a Doughnut Day

Happy National Candy Corn Day or if you can't find any candy corn, Happy Buy a Doughnut Day! We obtained a box and then quickly made it dissappear. Make sure you get in a good workout later on, and burn it off. Why not stop by our Facebook page and share us your pics?

Monday, 28 October 2013

National Oatmeal Day

Nothing fancy about oatmeal.  Every morning routine, one bowl of oatmeal to start off the day.  Good for the heart and fills you up.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

National Chocolate Day

Creative us of chocolate by Zach

Celebrating National Chocolate Day with some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  A very special thank you to Mrs. Litasha Babas for providing the dough! 

Brian enjoying his 4th cookie.

Zach and his spread of chocolate

National Potato & American Beer Day Product Review: KoikeyaPotatoChips "Karamucho Stick"

These are potatos?  I love potatos!

Torpedos away

Doug & Friends

Karamucho Sticks

Location: Pay-Less, Agana Shopping Center
Price: $2.39
Rating: 4.5 plates out of 5

The first thing I thought of on National Potato Day was chips.  I was browsing the snack aisle at Pay-Less for some new bold or wacky flavor, when I saw this bag of awesomeness.  I didn't know the name of these "Karamucho Sticks" until today, and only because I'm doing this review.  These chips have been one of my favorite snacks since I was a kid.  So much flavor is packed into these little sticks of goodness, with just the right amount of heat.  One obvious thing to note, is the "stick" form, they chose to make these in.  Although very delicious, they can fight back, if not eaten carefully.
If you throw a handful of these bad boys in your mouth, and just one of them is at the wrong angle, you will experience some of the most intense mouth pain ever.  Yes, it has happened a few times or more, but when you're hungry, you can't seem to get them in your mouth fast enough.  So for National Potato Day, I suggest you grab a bag of these sticks and try them out, carefully of course.

Reviewed by Drew

Friday, 25 October 2013

National Pumpkin Day

Celebrating National Pumpkin Day with the boys. We'd love to see some pictures of you with your pumpkin!

Product Review: Ice Candy Uzaki Soft

Location: Tokyo Mart, Tamuning
Price: $7.99
Rating: 5 plates out of 5

I love to go to Tokyo Mart and walk aimlessly through the aisles trying to figure out what next to try... On this shopping trip I found "Ice Candy Uzaki Soft". Its this prepackaged soft serve ice cream that is super creamy with a cone attached... No scooping necessary!  Just pull one out and eat! Its awesome! The only problem is I ate the whole box by myself in one sitting... Lol. I guess you can call me a glutton or greedy... but whatever you do don't call me late for lunch!

Reviewed By John

Thursday, 24 October 2013

National Greasy Food Day

Brian stuffing on the go!

National Geasy Food Day was a success!  Started out with some breakfast at Wendy's.  Good cheap eats at Horse & Cow for lunch.  For dinner some ribs at Tony Roma's. 

Now you see them

Dougie Fresh
Now you don't

Jorge and ribs

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


November is quickly approaching and that can mean only one thing.  Movember.  No, it's not a typo, it's a combination of moustache and November.  What does moustaches have to do with November you ask?  Good question.  Let us learn you something new.  Movember is also an official global charity whose mission is to raise awareness and vital funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer and men's mental health challenges. To learn more, please visit their website at Movember.

5 Guys 1 Plate have decided to take on Movember and grow our very own Mo (moustaches).  Come November 1st, for the last time, we will be clean shaven.  We will document our journey as our Mos grow every day. Posting pictures of each of us as we progress to see the changes. We also encourage anyone to join us and grow your very own Mo and submit your pictures as well.  I'm a girl and can't grow a Mo, you say.  Well no problem.  As a "Mo Sista", you can help raise funds and encourage any men in your lives to get involved and become a "Mo Bro".

Movember is all about having fun and raising awareness.  Of course, growing Mos will not help the cause alone, we need to try and raise funds.  If you would like to donate, please visit the 5 Guys 1 Plate team page at 5 Guys 1 Plate Mo Team.  We also plan on throwing the "5 Guys 1 Plate Annual Movember BBQ" at the end of November to celebrate everyone's hard work. So stay tuned for more details.  If you would like to participate in the celebration we welcome all who want to join.  Feel free to contact us on Facebook or Thank you and we look forward to seeing some Mo pictures.